3 Reasons Why User Experience Is Critical When Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

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Have you ever been in an in-store and experienced the following: no designated shelves for the product you are looking for, the attendants do not have information on whether it is available or not, and you had to line up for almost an hour before your payment is processed? How was the experience?  A good one? Well, when running an e-commerce business, the user experience is a fundamental requirement as in a physical store. How a customer or a visitor feels on your site determines their next step. The e-commerce platform you use has a role to play in determining your user experience.

But how? Here are the three reasons why UX matters when choosing a platform for establishing e-commerce website:

UX forms part of customer purchase decision

How a customer feels on your site determines their next course of action. If their experience is seamless, they will undoubtedly make a sale. A great user experience can woo a customer to make an immediate purchase decision. Remember, business is all about emotion. When you instill a positive feeling on a customer, they will take a positive step on your site – purchase. Also, the opposite is true. A negative experience leads to clicking the red button at the right top corner. Hence, you should always consider the kind of user experience your customer will get from your e-commerce platform of choice.

Point of visitors’ attraction

A well-designed website attracts customers as it offers the best user experience. No visitor would visit a site that is disorganized, hard to navigate, and with a poor display of images and items. For you to attract new visitors and probably convert them into buyers, you need to offer the best user experience. For instance, you must ensure your site has detailed product descriptions and guidelines on completing sales. Also, you need an explainer video to enable visitors with limited time to grab essential information for the purchase decision. However, if your e-commerce platform does not offer the opportunity for this, achieving your desired user experience level would remain as a wish.

Speed is a necessity

As you know, online visitors do not have a whole hour or a day to wait for your site to load. Just as the Google offers them results within milliseconds, the same way they expect your site to load. If your site is taking forever, it means its user experience will be miserable. All these rely on your e-commerce platform. As such, you must consider the level of user experience in a platform before subscribing to it.

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